MICE tourism (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions):



Why MICE tourism in Northern Cyprus?



Northern Cyprus is neighboured by two big competitors for 3S mass tourism (sea, sun and sand), namely Turkey and Southern Cyprus. Moreover, the lack of big charter operations and of direct flights (except from Turkey) kept Northern Cyprus away from becoming a cheap 3S destination in the Mediterranean area like Egypt or Tunisia.


With this background, the country started looking for alternatives to exploit its exceptional richness in cultural and natural resources. Ecotourism, senior travels, yacht tourism and MICE tourism are some of these alternatives.


MICE tourism in Northern Cyprus has a solid infrastructure provided by the facilities at 6 universities and a multitude of 4 and 5-star hotels with capacities reaching 2500 persons in single locations. The wonderful nature, the mild climate and the cultural heritage give the perfect coulisse to combine professional events with paradisiac holidays.



References of SIDETOUR in MICE tourism


MICE related services


MICE appropriated touristic programs


Our unique “EVENT DESIGN” concept





* References of SIDETOUR in MICE tourism:


- Organisation of all fair attendances of the Northern Cypriot Chamber of Industry since 2008 with groups from 12 to 35 businessmen: Gulffood in Dubai, Fruitlogistica in Berlin, Cebit in Hanover, Agrofood in Erbil are some of the regularly attended fairs.


- Cooperation with PharmaExport, the representative / partner of GE Health Care in Tunisia for fair attendencies of doctors, especially in Paris.


- Organisation of workshops and incentive trips for local companies: KKTCELL (leading mobile company), Ipekyol, Demirbag, etc.


- Organisation of UYMS 2014 (Symposium for software engineering organised on behalf of the ODTU university in Kalkanli, Northern Cyprus) including transfers, accommodation, gala dinner, excursions.


- Organisation of Hypertext 2015 (international conference for software engineering): http://ht.acm.org/ht2015/ including transfers from ECN and LCA, dedicated accommodation, gala dinner, included and optional excursions with own “event design”.


- Organisation of an incentive Trip in MAY 2016 for the  Pharmaceutical corporation "the Ulster Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society" from Ireland, led by Dr Paul McFaul including flights, accommodation, transfers, social program and gala dinner.







* MICE related services:



- Providing infrastructure for all types of MICE events: conference rooms, amphitheatres, workshop rooms, etc.


- Furnishing workstations with necessary hardware: projectors, beamers, laptops, printers, etc.


- Offering a full range of catering services including coffee breaks, lunches, private dinner on boat, dinner at traditional taverns with live music, all inclusive gala dinners with dedicated concerts, etc. 


- Supplying accommodation in different hotel categories with guaranteed availability (contingent based)


- Sophisticated transfer services for individuals and groups in Northern AND Southern Cyprus with all day private coaching and point to point alternatives


- Translation and live interpretation services in English, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, etc.


- Assistance services: hospitals, police, immigration, official institutions, customers, customs, etc.





* MICE appropriated touristic programs:



- Modified tailor made excursions to fit in the schedule of your event


- A wide range of cultural excursions according to the location: Kyrenia, Nicosia, West Coast, Famagusta, Karpaz, Kormacit


- Active tours including walking, diving, biking, Jeep Safari, Paragliding, Kite Surfing, etc.


- Special interest tours including village life, religious excursions, botanic, etc.


- Recreational activities: Swimming breaks, city tours


- Gastronomy specialties including traditional taverns, gala dinners, tastings, etc.


- Private transfers according to the preferences of the participants on individual and group basis





* Our unique “EVENT DESIGN” concept:



We provide more than MICE! We design for you the optimal planning of your event, taking in account different arrival and departure dates / times. We combine the professional part of the event with our cultural and entertainment offers according to your interests and preferences. The result is a tailor-made highly enjoyable package, which makes the participants take advantage of the touristic side of Northern Cyprus while respecting the scheduled working program. Our services include:



- Arranging meetings with politicians, businessmen, decision makers, representatives of the chambers of Industry and Commerce, etc. according to your interests.


- Offering cultural, natural, active and gastronomy excursions according to your schedule to get maximum time exploitation without hassle.


- Planning special interest excursions (botanic, religion, ethnic rarities, village life, diving, walking, etc.) according to your preferences with additional surprises unique for your group (mess in Aramaic in Kormacit, express cooking courses, home visits, etc.)


- Respecting individual differences in schedules and interests with a flexible and versatile programming, resulting in a highly individualized program for each participant.


- Organizing gastronomy highlights: (gala dinners with private concerts, boat tours with live music, beach barbeques, picnics at historical sites, wine and cheese tastings from local markets, etc.) to differentiate your event as a sophisticated unique experience for the participants.


- Giving the opportunity to relax after a long working day: swimming breaks, excursions in the nature, village lifewellness and spa, etc,  


- Providing professional photography services to immortalize the emotions gathered during your unforgettable event.