Karpaz West (Bafra)



Bafra is a developping touristic resort flourishing at the West of the Karpaz peninsula with exciting luxury apartment hotels like Thalassa Beach Resort



Sightseeing requiring entrance fees:



Kantara Castle 1,5h


We visit the Kantara castle to enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the Besparmak Mountains, the Mesaria fields and Famagusta. By good weather, we can even see the Taurus Mountains on the Turkish mainland.



Agias Trias 1h


The ruins of the early Christian basilica in the near of the village Sipahi (one of the last spots of Northern Cyprus, where Greek Cypriots are still living) gain their importance from the remarkable floor mosaics.



Sightseeing without entrance fees:



Bogaz Fisher village 0,5h


A tiny village on the Famagusta Bay, offering a nice coffee break opportunity on the way to Karpaz.



Büyükkonuk Bio village 1h


In this Bio village all agricultural products come from organic farms and are processed to get organic bread, olive oil, cheese, handmade pasta, etc, which we get the opportunity to taste.



Olive oil factory Karpaz 0,5h


The Olive oil factory Karpaz offers us an insight in the olive oil production and invites us to taste its high qualitative products.



Dipkarpaz village 0,5h


Dipkarpaz is one of the rare places, where Greek Cypriots did not leave after the events of 1974 (division of the island) and are still living there in peace, together with North Cypriots and Turks.



Agios Philon 0,5h


Here we visit the ruins of the antique town Karpasia, with a fine sandy beach and a nice Restaurant.



St. Andrews Church 1h


The church has been built on the spot, where - according to the legend- St Andreas found a water source having healing properties for ophthalmic and cutaneous diseases. The place is an important pilgrim destination for orthodox Christians, especially from Southern Cyprus.



Golden Beach 1-3h


The long untouched fine sandy beach on the southern coast is not only a nesting location for Caretta turtles but offers also a matchless swimming experience in its crystal clear turquoise water.



Coast Road 1,5h


The road along the northern shore has been renewed almost until the Dipkarpaz village, offering stunning panoramic views, as it winds between the Besparmak Mountains and the sea.



Kaleburnu 1h


Kaleburnu is a little village on the southern shore of the Karpaz peninsula away of the main roads. In 2004 surprising funds from the bronze era have been made in the ‘’Kings’ hill’’. The public beach of the village is a very good alternative for the Golden Beach.






- Alevkayali Restaurant: a popular fish restaurant for locals and tourists on the way between Yenierenköy and Dipkarpaz


- Oasis at Ayfilon Restaurant: a fine fish restaurant next to the historical ruins of Agios Philon with a nice sandy beach


- Kaleburnu Restaurant: a traditional Cypriot Restaurant with specialities from the stone oven



- Kemeralti Aşevi Büyükkonuk Restaurant: Kleftiko, handmade pasta, snails, etc... Here we get an insight in traditional Cypriot cuisine in the cosy ambiance of an old renovated village house.








Bogaz – Olive oil factory – Dipkarpaz – Lunch at Kaleburnu – Andreas church – Golden Beach – Coast Road




Kantara (Castles of Cyprus) - Agios Trias (Arabic attacks) – Lunch at Alevkayali – Andreas church (Orthodoxs in North Cyprus) – Golden Beach




Kantara Castle – Tasting at Büyükkonuk - Cookery course at Nitovikla and lunch – Olive oil factory – Sweets in the bus