West Coast / Güzelyurt region



The west coast of Northern Cyprus in the Güzelyurt region is in a touristic development phase. Translated from Turkish Güzelyurt means ‘’ beautiful country’’ and is the most irrigated region in Northern Cyprus. It is the main growing area for citrus fruits and used to be an important centre of copper mining. The ruins of the loading platforms are still shaping parts of the landscape in this area.



Sightseeing requiring entrance fees:



The blue house/Mavi Kösk – closed on Mondays 1h


The house of Paola Pavlidis, the alleged advocate of Archbishop Makarios and more renowned for his weapon smuggle activities, is one of the most curious and interesting sightseeing in Northern Cyprus. The nicely decorated in the 50’s built property was visited by renowned celebrities such as Sofia Loren. It exhibits some peculiar architectural features worth seeing. Today it lies inside a military area and can only be visited with advanced notification and upon presentation of ID / passport.



St. Mamas and Archaeological Museum 1h


St Mamas is believed to be the protector of tax evaders!... and also an ear, nose and throat specialist under the Cypriot Orthodox saints. We visit the icon museum (former church) and the adjacent archaeological museum with its newest discoveries such as ‘’The Golden Leaves of Soli’’.



Ruins and mosaics of Soli 1h


The mosaics of the huge St Auxibius basilica exhibit the evolution of mosaics in the 4th and 5th century AD. The Theatre of Soli with a capacity of 5.000 visitors offers marvellous views of the Güzelyurt Bay.



Vouni Palace 1h


The Vouni Palace was a Persian military estate with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Troodos mountains.



Sightseeing without entrance fees:



Dairy factory in Camlibel 1h


Here we see, smell and taste how the Halloumi cheese (Hellim in Turkish) is produced in a traditional way. Opportunity for guided tasting and shopping.



Weekly Saturday market 1h


Weekly markets in the center of Güzelyurt, next to St Mamas with typical Cypriot products like bread, Halloumi, Sucuk, etc



Orange garden Sahin 0,5h


Have the opportunity to taste fresh pressed orange and pomegranate juices and have an insight in the techniques of citriculture.



Orchids (in February and March) 1h


On the way from Kyrenia to Güzelyurt, we visit one of the locations, where we can see the huge orchid (Barlia Robertiana) and the endemic Ophrys Kotschii among other botanical peculiarities.



Lefke Town 1,5h


The Town Lefke was in the English occupation era an important residential area for miners. In the 10th century BC the Phoenicians started planting date palms, which are still the emblem of the town. A coffee shop on the edge of the valley offers fresh juices and the opportunity to taste and buy different kinds of candy sweets.



Kormacit Village 1h


The spoken languages in Kormacit are Greek and Aramaic (original language of Jesus Christ). The inhabitants are members of the Maronite Church, which is a Catholic Church with its quarter heads in Lebanon. Many Greek Cypriots and Maronites from the South come on weekends and especially for Eastern Holidays to assist the Holy Mass. Afterwards they eat Kleftiko (oven baked lamb) at the renowned restaurant ‘’Yorgos’’.



Coast road to Sadrazamköy 1h


The coast road from Karsiyaka to Sadrazamköy offers stunning views of the Besparmak cliffs and is a beautiful end of a day for the way back from Kormacit.





- Gökkusagi Restaurant: nice Cypriot Restaurant in the centre of Güzelyurt. Perfect in combination with the weekly market


- Aspava Restaurant: a popular fish and meat restaurant overlooking the Güzelyurt Bay. At Aspava gourmets get fish mezes (appetizers) and specialities like grouper, red mullet, sword fish and much more.








Orange garden - St. Mamas – Soli  – Aspava – Kormacit – Coast Road




St. Mamas (Cyprus saints) – Soli (Beginning of Christianity in Cyprus) – Vouni Palace (Cyprus under Persians)– Aspava Special (Special fish und fish mezes)– Kormacit (Maronites in Cyprus)– Coast Road




Camlibel Dairy factory (Helim/Halloumi) – Orchids (February – mid April) – Saturday market with tasting lunch (from country bread to orange honey) – St. Mamas (protector of tax evaders)– Kormacit (Maronites in Cyprus)– Yorgos Restaurant (Cypriot gastronomy with Maronite touch) – Coast Road




Orange garden – St. Mamas – Soli – Aspava – CLASSIC sightseeing of Nicosia