Active in Northern Cyprus!



A.     Sports and adventure


Northern Cyprus has the perfect climate and natural setting for a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities. Here are some samples:



- Walking


- Biking


- Diving


- Free-diving


- Kite surfing




- Snorkelling


- Paragliding


- Jeep safari


- Fitness studios / Gym


- Nordic Walking


- Photography





B.     Walking


Why choosing Northern Cyprus for your walking holidays?



- Unique cuisine with influences from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East


- Authentic Mediterranean hospitality 


- Diverse walking routes with varying difficulty levels


 - Botanic diversity, spring flowers and orchids in bloom from the end of January


 - A perfect walking climate from mid-October until the end of April 




Besparmak trail 


Walking round paths




Our walking program based in Kyrenia


Our walking program based in Kormacit


Our walking program based in Karpaz


Our walking program based in Bafra







C.     Water sports


Northern Cyprus has the perfect climate and natural resources for water sports. Here are some of the available activities:



- Fishing


- Sailing


- Boat trip


- Diving


- Kite surfing


- Snorkelling




- Free-diving


- Swimming: special spots